Behind the Scenes of Modern Love
Location shoots are notoriously tricky but I always find them to be the most rewarding in the end. For this shoot, it took several weeks of location scouting just to find the right spot in the city. Because it’s not just about finding a pretty tennis court (which in itself is hard) you have to also consider the time of day, and since it ended up being a public court, when it was least busy as to not disturb the regulars. So after driving all over the city and the suburbs, waking up extra early to go watch old ladies knock a ball around for weeks, and avoiding kids classes, we landed the perfect spot. With a talented team and a partly cloudy day on our side it ended up being a fantastic shoot and a lot of fun.

Tennis was the only sport I felt I was ever good at growing up. I was on my school’s team and I did camps every summer. I vividly remember watching the Williams sisters play on TV and admiring how talented and stylish they both were. Getting new tennis outfits every year with my mother was always my favorite too. They gave me confidence out on the court, almost like I was someone else for a moment. Naturally doing this shoot brought back a lot of memories for me in that way, and I really think Stasia nailed that confident female tennis player attitude. It helps too that my stylist Colin put together some fantastic looks that younger me would have pined for.

Behind the Scenes of Fur & Gold with Dana Murphy

Sometimes you meet people who you’re completely inspired by the moment you meet them. Dana is one of those people whose external beauty is exceeded by the beauty of her soul. She works in theater so of course she was a natural in front of the camera, especially if it meant dressing up as a sort of “wild thing”. The shoot was also the first time in a while that I had an all female crew. I think it brought a great femininity to the set, on top of what was already a romantic and gorgeous location in the dunes around Chicago.

When I’m taking portraits I think I’m ultimately shooting a romanticized version of that person. I’m not really trying to capture a realistic view of them but something of how I see them in my head. Like perhaps how they might appear in some sort of fantastic storybook or fairytale. Sometimes that means putting a dead fox on their head and glitter on their face.

Anonymous: I don't mean to pry but what is the name of the man in your most recent photos? His looks are captivating, I bet his personality is aswell. One more thing, your photography skills are phenomenal! I look forward to liking/reblogging your photos as they pop up on my dashboard -xoxo

He’s a very close friend of mine who styles a lot of my shoots, Colin Boettcher. You can follow his personal Tumblr here, and see more of his styling work here. And yes, he’s the biggest sweetheart and funny as hell :) 

Aww thank you! I really appreciate it!